8 Western Fashion Tips Every Cowgirl Should Know About

Make Western Style Your Own!

Every cowgirl needs a Western wardrobe that showcases their personality and love of the culture. With Western stores popping up all over the country, you’ll want to find a classic yet individual style. We’ve put together a guide to find out how.

Eight Western Fashion Tips For The Stylish Cowgirl

1. Denim everything!

Denim is a great place to start when you want to dress Western. If you’re a classic cowgirl, a great pair of jeans will do the trick. When you want to look prairie chic, opt for a long denim skirt with oversized buttons.

2. Find the right cowgirl boots

Women’s cowgirl boots fit differently than men’s. Both men and women can benefit from a boot with a slightly lifted heel to shape their legs. Look for a comfortable toe and high-quality leather with an etched design and color you love.

3. Look to a cowboy hat to match

Cowboy hats for women can be both Western and urban. Oversized brims and a band with a feather are classy for everyday wear. You can find a traditional suede hat or make it funky with a patterned cap when you want to stand out.

4. Rock Western jewelry

Western jewelry is all about paying attention to the natural elements of the country. Turquoise jewelry is said to be made with a healing amulet and looks fantastic with a Western silver chain. Another option is colorful Native American beading on everything from necklaces to bracelets.

5. Get a feel for fringe

Fringe is an animated accent for jackets, boots, and more! Most fringe is made out of leather or suede; however, you can find colorful beaded fringe to stand out in a crowd.

6. Button-down shirts

Plaid flannel is an easy way to dress Western without sacrificing your comfort. Look to shades of red or blue for a classic look. Whether you prefer your button-down shirt crisp or worn it, it’ll always go with your choice of bottoms.

7. Bandannas for style

These “yeehaw!” accessories can pull a cowgirl look together. A Western bandanna with a traditional pattern can be worn about your neck or head. Try to coordinate your outfit with the colors of your accessory!

8. Cinch your figure with a belt

The best cowgirl accessory is a charming belt to hold your pants up and look stylish to boot. A traditional leather belt can be emphasized with a blinged out belt buckle with a statement including Western favorites such as an alcohol brand or a fashion designer specializing in cowgirl wear.

Rock The Country Look Your Way!

Much like the wild West woman, cowgirl wear has no rules. These eight tips should serve as a simple guide when you’re going shopping to create your own look. Happy trails with your new adventure in the world of Western fashion!

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