Seven Secrets to Nailing Rodeo Fashion – From Your Hat to Your Boots

Seven Secrets to Nailing Rodeo Fashion – From Your Hat to Your Boots

Summer is coming, and there are many traditional celebrations where a farmer mystique or a rodeo style may be cute, different, and appropriate. Outfits must be both fashionable and functional, just like they were down on the ranch. And, while country fashion, not unlike country music, has changed and grown over the last century, the old standbys remain timeless. Here are some hallmarks of rodeo fashion:

1. Denim is the Word

Denim is a staple of rodeo style and country-western wear. Whether you want to dip back into yesteryear and sport outrageously-wide flare jeans or skintight jeggings, you can’t go wrong with the venerable fabric. During the warmer months, you can even dabble in jean shorts or miniskirts, though an occasional maxi-skirt can be a cute throwback.

Why stop at bottoms? The more denim, the better! You can never overload on denim when trying to capture that rodeo look. Why not pair a chambray shirt with jeans or a denim skirt, or try a pair of overalls on for size? Are overalls not really your style? Try a full-length denim shirtdress.

2. Pair it Up

The cool thing about rodeo fashion is that while it may seem predominantly masculine, it can be easily softened with a feminine touch. That could mean pairing dark jeans with an off-the-shoulder blouse, or even taking something as rough as a flannel shirt and tying it above your midriff, to make the look unmistakably sexy. A ruffled blouse works best with tight pants, while a tighter tank or halter complements a long, flowy skirt.

3. Choose Country Colors

Don’t go too bright or over-the-top. You’ll want to keep your clothes in neutral, classic colors. The hues of the old west were certainly not flashy neons. Keep this in mind whether you are looking at regular jeans, or suede and leather items. Burgundy, mustard, and navy are always winners, as well as subdued crimsons. For flash, instead, opt for tartan or plaid prints like you would find on a typical 1990s-era flannel shirt.

4. Pile on the Leather and Suede

Speaking of the tried and true suede and leather, no other fabrics probably define rodeo fashion better. Suede expresses the cowgirl style, whether we are talking about cute cowboy boots or a simple fringe on a denim jacket or dressy tunic. Pair those same boots with a leather skirt and a crop top for a fun look.

Leather tassels and trim are also all the rage when it comes to country fashion. You can also westernize any outfit with patent leather accessories, like a choker or an oversized handbag. Leather, knee-high boots always look appealing with short shorts and a halter. Just be sure you stick to classic brown or black hues!

5. Adding on Accessories

Adding a cowboy-inspired belt buckle, hat, or pair of boots can spice up any ordinary outfit with a special touch of country flair. So, even if you are trying to modernize your fashion, but you want just a hint of western style to wear while line dancing, you can always add these little touches to get the point across.

Not comfortable going that far? Why not opt for a simple bandana scarf topping a t-shirt and shorts?

6. It’s All in the Details

The country look is infused with rugged, masculine-inspired designs. Zippers and extra buttons abound, as well as impressive embroidery with beaded details. Feminize the look by incorporating floral and abstract patterns like paisley. Add a bit of lace and frills to otherwise manly items for a cool, fashionable contradiction!

7. Cowgirl Coifs

Pigtails or braids look downright adorable with a cowboy hat, or you can accent your attire with a messy top-knot. You can even let your hair flow free down your back if you wish. The real trick to rodeo hair is the creation of a rugged, not-too-well-put-together look. The less you do, the better your ‘do will match your clothes!

In conclusion, rodeo fashion is easy to achieve once you know the basics. The tips and hints above will get you in the western spirit, whether you want a traditional look or to be down-home glamorous!

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