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Choose Iron Heritage Fashion For Your Western Needs!

Iron Heritage Fashion is the place to be when you’re looking for cowboy and cowgirl style. This Western retailer features classic and trendy styles to suit your needs for traditional apparel from the west. We’re here to tell you what makes our store so great and what you can expect from Iron Heritage Fashion.

What’s Cookin’ At Iron Heritage?

Fabulous jewelry

Native beadwork is a staple to Western jewelry. This intricate art form looks great with an arrowhead or turquoise pendant as a charm for luck and prosperity.

The beads’ pattern can make your outfit stand out. Look for emblems that demonstrate your pride and power in order to make it a statement accessory that means something to you.

Leather boots

Leather boots between men and women differ in size and style. Many prefer riding boots although these styles can slip and slide when you’re not riding a horse. Look to good tread and space in the toes before finding a pair of leather boots with beautiful details for your personal style.

Denim apparel

Denim is key for the cowboy and cowgirl. You can pick looks such as high-waisted denim jeans or a lightweight prairie denim skirt that skims your ankles. The possibilities are limitless.

Whether you want to dress up or dress down, a denim blouse is always in style. Pick a shirt with many buttons that you can fasten down the front or even used to cuff up your sleeves with a true cowgirl style.

Classic cowboy accents

Get wild with a cowboy hat to finish off your look. Suede and leather are classic fashion staples; however, you may want to go bold with a band featuring beading and feathers.

Iron Heritage Fashion Has You Covered!

From belts to boots, our store will dress you in Western fashion from head to toe. Ask out staff any questions you may need answered and be sure to have fun. The trails await you and your style!